Anglican Episcopal Communion

We didnt ordain women priest or Bishop . We didnt accept the homosexual marriage and Lesbian marriages.

                   The Our Communion is formed of the  a large group of anglicans of all varieties of churchmanship from Anglican Evangelical and Charismatic , Episcopal , Orthodox , Catholic , Anglican Pentecostal Church who share a belief in the historic values of anglican worship and the teaching of the Bible. All of the National Dioceses, Archdioceses and Provinces are autonomous, comprising self-governing churches and families of churches around the world.
           In a real sense, we are a “Continuing Church”, not a new Church. We continue to believe in everything the Church of England has always believed and taught. That is why we call ourselves a Traditional Church. We hold to the Holy Orders of Bishops, Priests and Deacons, and in accordance with the teaching of the Bible and Church Tradition.
                       Historically there have been three main”streams” of worship that have been the experience of Christ’s Church; the Anglican , the evangelical and the charismatic. Our Communion seeks to discover and to incorporate the best from each of these traditions. We  in our Doctrinal Essentials affirming the authority of Holy Scripture (and our emphasis on preaching and teaching the Bible) and professing the historic confessions of faith (Apostle’s and Nicene Creeds). We stress the proclamation of the Gospel not only in our preaching but also in our lifestyles, seeking to reach the lost for Christ. Also, our bishops are in Apostolic Succession.
                      In obedience to the command of Jesus Christ, we are committed to mission and evangelism in the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Anglican Episcopal Communion  is a Anglican , Episcopal , Charismatic (Pentecostal), Evangelical church promoting the Gospel of Christ, and adhering to and acknowledging the faith and witness of the one, holy, universal (catholic), and apostolic church throughout the world.


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